Two Poems Ronsard - Flute and soprano (Rosenblatt/Elizabeth Saunders)

About Us

Commitment to the Arts

Blackledgemusic, Inc. works actively to combine ‘concert music’ with other artistic creators such as dancers and visual artists to promote mixed artistic programs. As part of the creation and sustaining force behind a Connecticut Cultural Corridor, we combined forces with choreographer and dancer Alison Bogatay in 2005, through 2011 to present live music with original dance choreography.

Our intent is not to compete with established presentation venues, but to provide access to varied music programs to ALL people through performances at small museums, municipal facilities, houses of worship, libraries, landmarks,small businesses etc. We also act as a catalyst for new works for small music ensembles and provide a forum for today’s talented composers.

A 501C Corporation

Helene Rosenblatt -Director